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We write and send your job applications

The easiest way to get a job

First, we help you write a brilliant CV. We also write effective cover letters where needed. We send out tailored job applications to your favourite companies in your name.

Even more, we research matching job positions daily and apply for you where it makes sense.

Our service is almost free if you don't get a higher paying job. Initially, we charge a small fee for improving your CV. Our main fee is a percentage of the salary increase we will generate for you and it only applies if you sign a job through us.

3x more job interviews

We have seen and improved 10.000+ job applications. And built a data model which predicts whether a candidate will get invited for a job interview or not.

We help you improve your CV and cover letter in order to maximize the number of job interviews you will be invited to.

In total, you get a higher success rate per application and more sent out applications in less time.

You are 100% in control

You can define the type of companies you want us to apply to and those we should ignore. And you can tell us to focus your applications on a certain industry, company size or geographic location. From Google to blockchain startups in Berlin.

We will deep-dive into your background in a personal briefing session. We help you write your best possible CV and cover letter. You'll get at least weekly updates from us and you can review the status of all sent out applications at any time.

Finally, if you prefer, you can pre-approve every application before we send it out. And you can request adjustments to your CV and cover letter at any time.

We prepare 100s of applications for you

Most candidates only send out 3-20 applications. It's tedious work, since a single well drafted application can take up to 40 minutes. And you need to invest time to find open jobs that match.

Yet, the more applications you send the higher your chances of finding the best possible job.

With our daily research and software support we can prepare 100s of tailored applications for you. More job interviews lead to more job offers and a better outcome.

What do other applicants say?

Zero risk. €3k-20k profit.

If we decide to work together we will improve your CV for a very small fee. In case you sign a job offer through one of our applications we will only charge a percentage of the salary increase we helped you earn in the first year.

We're fully incentivised to get you a higher-paying job.

Meet our team

Simon Krueger

Simon Krüger  


Serial entrepreneur,
co-founded Doctolib Germany
and grew team to 100 people

Trian Xylouris

Dr. Trian Xylouris  


Ex-McKinsey consultant,
math PhD & state-of-the art Linnik's theorem,
sold last startup with 2m users

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