by CVandMe


Want to help us make a dent in the job application market? Or are you interested in applying state of the art NLP machine learning algorithms? (mainly GPT-3, BERT, RoBERTa)

Great! We are always looking for new passionate team members. Feel free to apply to us for whatever position would be best for you. Just send us an email at [email protected]

If you apply, please include your CV, a few unpolished sentences on your future plans and - only if readily available - work and school references.

We reply to every application, usually within one week. If there is a fit, we will schedule a video call to get to know each other.

Please note, that if you send us an application, you automatically agree to our data protection policy. In particular, you agree that we will store your application and email address in order to be able to process it. Of course, we will delete all of your data upon request.